This is a uniquely exciting time in GFH’s history. The region has witnessed a highly challenging period and with it many financial intuitions including GFH. We have nevertheless worked hard to  reposition the group. We have undergone a necessary evolution and are now well placed  to take advantage of the great opportunities which lie ahead.

“A clear promise to
our investors”

We have a new understanding of our core purpose and, by learning from the challenges of the past, we can now build upon the attributes that have made our company great. These include a self-determination to be the best, our driver for exceptional performance is core to who we are as a company.

GFH is driven by a desire to discover, innovate and realise extraordinary returns from innovative investment opportunities. We believe the combination of our extensive experience in developing and growth-market investments, coupled with our  desire for exceptional  performance makes lays the foundations for our successes. .

The changes we have made at GFH – including our recent rebranding – are a reflection of a new approach, strategy leadership and management at the firm. The changes at the top of our organisations were necessary for us  to build upon the trust our client’s placed in us. Our new leadership team is comprised of noted industry professionals whose wide body of regional and global experience gives me great confidence that GFH can achieve our ambitions and objectives for the next exciting period of growth.

We believe we deal in a currency of trust which is why we chose Bahrain for our headquarters. The country’s financial pedigree and strong regulatory frameworks gives our firm the right environment in which to build our global investment business. Our HQ in Bahrain’s Financial Harbour is complemented by GFH Capital’s presence in Dubai’s International Financial Center. These dynamic business environments give our firm the sure footing we need to continue projecting our vision on to the global stage.

Our brand is built on a clear promise to our investors, that we will provide investment opportunities with exceptional performance capability. While the investment deals we manage are global and highly complex, it is our clients’ expectation that they will be handled with simple efficiency and exited with the greatest possible return.